for many years i drew inspiration from my job as a NYC bartender. these pieces are a look at night life through the eyes of a bartender...for better or worse. circa 2003 

this is one of my madame-x shows...a west village lounge that supports artists 


originally from minnesota, i moved to providence, RI to attend johnson & wales university

i then moved to manhattan to attend FIT. i  studdied fashion design, and ad design


...not an endorsement 

i've bartended in many many bars 

me with michael perez and james rizzi...this was a show at the perez gallery. they invited me to show with them

the bulk of my earlier work came from nightlife connections

i do a lot of art for musicians...friends from the bar and club scene. i married a guitar player 

i taught myself to use a few design programs...illustrator is my favorite


i lived in tribeca, and moved to brooklyn right before 9/11.  i was there the day it happened,  training for my new bar job at the odeon...8 blocks away, 9:00am. i saw the towers fall  




from a favorite tribeca lounge

bartenders are the quiet observers of late night shenanigans

the ladies room mirror

i can't help it...i judge people by what they drink

i'm very glad to be done with the bar scene

the shhhhh face stands for shhhhhana, and for shhhhut-up 

madame-x bought this trio...i sold a lot from those shows 

too much perfume...a common problem in bars 

now i'm a mom. my daughter inspires me


Bartending in NYC gave me endless inspiration. I enjoyed nights full of colorful characters, music,  fashion, and  cultural diversity. The service industry in the city is like no other. Some of the most talented and creative people I've ever met were my friends from the bar scene, working to support their own artistic journeys. It was a fun place to be 20-something.

Now I'm living in NJ, and a full time mom. I work from home doing illustration and graphic design. A LOT HAS CHANGED:)